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Be Your Own Boss
as a CashPak Owner

A CashPak franchise is a full-time business opportunity that is perfect for someone with a strong outside sales background and dreams of owning their own business. A CashPak franchise offers entrepreneurs the ability to control and design their own future, enjoy financial freedoms, and assist local businesses by creating marketing campaigns with high perceived value.

Who should consider buying a CashPak franchise?

Any entrepreneur with outside sales experience and has the drive to succeed. All franchise owners are required to take a “hands-on” approach with their new business endeavour, but help is close by with our customer relationship management software designed in-house to keep you effective and productive.

Who are we?

CashPak, LLC is a direct mail publishing and digital media company with strong local ties to television and radio media groups. Our CashPak name is synonmous to our high-end and upscale audience that we work with daily. Our ingenuitive booklet is our pricipal product and is distributed to hundreds of thousands of homes each month in the continental US. Other media forms of distribution are CashPak.com and CashPak Mobile, a syndicated local coupons and special offers site on the Internet, offering printable CashPak coupons from local businesses since March 2007.

What kind of outside help do I get?

Each franchise owner is given access to a direct CashPak corporate representative that is dedicated to working side by side thru any problems and also offers coaching and staff training to set you up for success. We can’t be successful if your not!!

How do I purchase a CashPak territory?

There is only one way to work with CashPak… We approve all new franchisees.

How much does a “territory” cost?

The territory cost is $5,000 for every 10,000 Main Households in the U.S., rounded to the nearest 10,000. For example, if there are 68,000 Main Households within a “territory”, the territory cost would be $35,000.

Will you help me in hiring sales representatives?

We will help set you up for success! We offer you every recruiting tool available including hiring scripts, interview questions, online job board posting examples and sales training tools that help ramp you up for immediate sales interaction. Follow our lead, and do it right… you could be closing deals in days of hiring your first sales person.

What’s Next?

Call us anytime to discuss questions you might have. We welcome qualified inquiries to our Corporate Headquarters at 312-380-1222 | Once you have completed the CashPak Questionaire and Franchise Application, we will provide you with some follow up legal documents as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a more detailed overview for you to review.