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 What is CashPak Connections?

CashPak Connections is the place where being a member actually pays you back. Our site offers a place as a business owner to not only advertise your local special offers for consumers, but it also offers the ability to work with other local business owners in your area by offering each other discounted products and services – Just for Being a Member! Our site attracts educated, cost conscious, and executive decision makers with direct influence over their advertising dollars.

Your Own Personal Member Webpage

  1. CashPak Connections Members receive their own personal login to the website and have their own homepage from which to research their favorite Venues.
  2. Members can create multiple coupons or special offers for their business which are broadcast to the CashPak consumer base and also synicated on multiple national special offer websites.
  3. Members can search the site in multiple ways to find the destination that is right for them and their needs or preferences.
  4. Members can save their favorite venues to their homepage for collaborative purposes, and contacting later.
  5. When ready, a CashPak Connections Member reservation or service request is just a phone call or click away.
  6. Members can also chat with other CashPak Members in our online forums community.
  7. Members can post pictures of their venue to share with family, friends, colleagues and other CashPak Members. (So… Go Ahead, Brag a Little!)

Access to Manage Venue Information:

  1. Current Events or Promotions
  2. Business Services and Accommodations
  3. Food, Beverage or Services Your Business Offers
  4. Venue Pictures and Videos
  5. Business Locations with Maps and Current Weather
  6. Direct Links to your Business Website
  7. Ability to Link Your Special Offer to Your Corporate Website

Personal CashPak Member Services

  • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns with other Local Business Owners is a big piece of our specialty business. We will design and group you with other non-competing businesses in your area to make your campaign Highly Cost Effective!
  • CashPak also provides personal Creative Design Services as well as Marketing and Social Networking Integration Services.
  • Creative Design for your internal business use is an la carte option to CashPak Members, if you choose to utilize our expertise.
  • The cost is based on the service provided and is agreed upon by the Member and CashPak before any charges are applied.

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